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ORC Week 4: Oh shoot

Progress has been soooooo smooth during the One Room Challenge. Well up until this week. The joys of home ownership really caught up with us as we had to repair a leak in our kitchen ceiling.

Can't you just see how thrilled Mark is about this unexpected obstacle. The issue was with the plumbing, so we had to call in the big dog to get this situation resolved. We even got to use a new tool (shown above) to cut out the existing PVC pipes.

The plumbing has been rerouted and we have taken showers without any leaks so besides the big hole in the ceiling--crisis averted.

The silver lining: we get to replace the track lighting (see below) that I have hated for years and add a super cool feature to the ceiling! I think these additions will add a ton of character to the kitchen which I am pumped about!

If you have pendant suggestions, send them my way as I am currently overwhelmed with the options.

So as far as the One Room Challenge goes, there is not much to report. I patched the hole that I accidentally created last week, painted the closet white and that is about it.

This week I plan to work on building the built-ins for the closet and *maybe* start painting the doors and dresser.

Here is the taped-out plan for the closet. Since this picture was taken, all of the holes have been patched and it has received a fresh coat of white paint. The built-in tower and dresser will be painted the same blue as the board and batten.

Follow along to see the progress we hopefully make during week 5!

Currently in my Amazon cart....

While the closet is not done, the rest of the bedroom is almost ready for the finishing details. Here is what I have in my Amazon cart to complete Reece's room:

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