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ORC Week 3: Little bit of everything...

SURPRISE! For week three of the One Room Challenge, I added wallpaper as an accent wall! I didn't record the process which is why you did not see it on social media because it was WAY more difficult than I expected.

This is the Nostalgic Flower Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Love vs Design.

Here is what I can tell you about wallpaper application:


  • Wait until you have help (I may or may not have done this alone)

  • Use a laser level! This will ensure your pieces are perfectly straight--especially that first panel.

  • Read the directions that come with the wallpaper--this wallpaper suggested a 1" overlap to match the patterns

  • Use a smoothing tool to work diagonally and across rather than down


  • Rush! This is the easiest way to make mistakes and cause a LOT of bubbles

  • Eyeball and trust your janky walls

You can also check out my friend Tiffany, she is installing wallpaper this week too!

Next on my to do list was to add pegs for cute and functional storage. These are super simple to install-just simply drill a pilot hole and then screw the peg into the hole. You can paint, stain or leave the pegs natural-- I am still undecided on what I am going to do with mine.

I also added this super cute flower shelf from Target. Initially, I was going to paint the petals blue to match the walls, but I think the yellow is a nice contrast!

Mark also changed out the light switches from dingy yellow to bright white. Here is a step-by-step how to. Please remember, we are not electricians, so please take this advice with caution.

Coming up....

The closet in her room is a decent size but has a lot of wasted space. This week, I demoed the closet and came up with a plan of action for this coming week. You could say this space was a *little* messy.

During demo, I removed the shelves and hanging rod then used one of my new favorite tools, the trim puller! It made removing trim a breeze, except for one little hiccup seen here. The good news-*almost* everything is fixable.

Next week, we will repair and paint the walls and start the build of the closet. The goal, as usual, is functional and pretty!

Be sure to check out my friend Heather as she is taking on a closet for her son this week as well!

As always, be sure to follow along on Instagram daily in stories for up-to-date progress!

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