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A Fresh Start: Healing Through DIY After a Miscarriage

Miscarriage is an emotionally devastating experience that can leave a lasting impact on those who go through it. After experiencing this loss, I found solace and a path to healing through do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that transformed my living space. In this blog post, I'll share how a fresh coat of creamy white paint, simple decor, and the removal of nursery-related items helped me heal from a miscarriage.

Before getting into the details, I want to say, if you have experienced loss, you are not alone. The amount of pain, anger and sadness that I have experienced over the past month has been unimaginable but the support of my friends and family has helped to get me through this.

Preface: The Feeling of Empty

The day before the school year began, I went in for my 10-week ultrasound. It was a day that I had been looking forward to for months but on my drive there, I had a pit in my stomach. The nerves didn't make sense to me as I had gone through two healthy pregnancies already. But then it happened; "there is no heartbeat, the baby stopped growing." I actually didn't cry for the first 10 minutes while the doctor was explaining what had happened, but since that day, there hasn't been a day that I haven't cried.

I am doing much better now, but seeing an empty crib in the room next to ours made the feeling of emptiness even stronger. So, this is how I used DIY to help with my grief.

Chapter 1: The Healing Power of a Fresh Start

Following my miscarriage, my home felt like a constant reminder of the dreams and preparations that had been abruptly halted. The nursery room is next to our room and the constant sight of an empty crib left me with a pit in my stomach almost daily. I decided to embark on a journey of renewal by giving my space a fresh start. The first step was choosing a creamy white paint called "Blank Canvas" for my walls. This color symbolized a blank slate, a canvas upon which I could begin to heal and rebuild.

Chapter 2: Embracing Simplicity in Decor

In my quest to create a healing environment, I turned to the concept of simplicity in decor. I realized that clutter and excess were not conducive to healing. I chose to embrace a minimalist approach, focusing on clean lines, neutral colors, and uncluttered spaces. Simple decor allowed me to create a sense of calm and tranquility in my home, essential for the healing process. With the simplicity of the decor, this room will serve as a guest room but will be easy to transition into a nursery in the future if we decide to do so.

Chapter 3: Removing Nursery Reminders

One of the most challenging aspects of my healing journey was dealing with nursery-related items. Each one carried a heavy emotional burden, a poignant reminder of what could have been. To move forward, I made the difficult decision to remove these items from my living space. This step was essential to disentangle my grief from the physical reminders of my loss.

Chapter 4: DIY as Therapeutic Expression

DIY projects have always been a therapeutic outlet but especially during this challenging time. Planning the space, painting the walls and adding the decor gave me the opportunity to channel my emotions into something constructive. Each project represented a small victory in my journey toward healing.

Chapter 5: The Transformation into a Healing Haven

As I continued to engage in DIY projects, this space underwent a remarkable transformation. The creamy white walls, simple decor, and the absence of nursery-related items created a serene and comforting environment. It became a sanctuary where I could reflect, grieve, and ultimately find the strength to heal.


Healing from a miscarriage is a deeply personal journey, and there is no universal path to recovery. For me, DIY projects played a pivotal role in navigating this difficult time. The act of creating, renovating, and transforming our nursery room allowed me to convert my pain into something beautiful – a symbol of renewal and resilience. While the scars of a miscarriage may never fully disappear, they can become a part of our story, reminding us of the strength we carry within ourselves as we move forward on our healing journey.

There are no before pictures on this post. And to be honest, I hope the pictures below are not the after.

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