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Mother DIYer: Gift Guide for Your DIY-Loving Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have you covered! Check out our recommendations for a DIY-loving mom in your life!

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As a mom and DIYer myself the best gift would be something that will help with my next project! Chocolate and flowers are great, but a laser level or stylish safety glasses?!? Now we are talking! Practical and pretty... you know I am down!

Let's get started!

Laser Level: Probably one of my most used tools. I use a laser level for hanging wall decor, installing pegs, painting a straight line, trim work and more! It is incredibly helpful to have especially when you are doing projects solo.

Paint Brushes: We all know the power of paint when it comes to DIY. However, the power of a great paint brush makes every job much easier! This three-pack is a much better deal than what you will find in stores.

Mini Sander: Speaking of paint projects, you will never go back once you try this mini sander. This is great for the hard-to-reach spots or a quick sanding before paint or stain. It comes with a variety of grits, perfect for every project!

Tape Measure: Of course you need a tape measure for anything DIY, but this tape measure is next level. Have you caught yourself counting the number of lines past the 1/2 inch mark? Well say goodbye to that method as this tape measure is as user friendly as it gets.

Wet Dry Vac: Between DIY and your kids, things can get messy. Good news is that this vacuum is here to save the day. Even better, it is self-cleaning!

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig: Are you building cabinets, shelving or adding a face frame? Then you need this pocket hole jig! Pocket holes create a strong bond between two pieces of wood and can be hidden!

Safety Glasses: Don't forget to use protection! These will look cute and protect the eyes!

Mama Necklace: Last but not least, every DIY mom would love this adorable necklace to share their favorite title. I have worn mine for months and it has held up perfectly!

Need more ideas? Check out the Shop Our Home page! And be sure to follow along on Instagram!

We hope you have a great Mother's Day! Here's to more projects!

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