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ORC Week 8: The Reveal

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Over the last eight weeks, we have completely transformed our guest/storage room into a big-girl for our wild child. Check out the before and after pictures below. All sources that we used are linked below!

The MOOD: Reece is our second daughter and has quite the wild personality. We wanted to design this room based on her personality but also wanted a room that would grow with her as she ages.

BEFORE: This room was quite the blank slate. Reece has quite the personality, so we had to give this room a makeover!

Can you believe the difference? From blah to some much character!

Paint sure can go a long way! I am a sucker for the monochromatic door and trim vibes! When Reece transitions to the bed, we will swap out a dresser where her crib currently is.

The Details:


*Fackler Reno may earn a small commission on the below links at no additional cost to the consumer.

Be sure to check out our One Room Challenge blog posts for details on the transformation process. Visit the One Room Challenge website to check out other DIYers take on their own space!

Thank you so much for following along and supporting us! Reece absolutely loves her new room!

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