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Breaking in my BFF's house

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Ok, so breaking in is a little bit of a stretch...I mean I had permission and the code, but doesn't it sound cooler?! So anyway, I have done a lot of projects at this house including the older two kid's rooms so it was time the youngest got his room done.

There were a couple of goals to this project:

  • Get it done in 4 days (while they are on vacation)

  • Spend zero new money on materials (I obviously had to buy decor)

  • Put back all the toys my kids found and played with while we were working

Here is the aftermath, let's talk about how we got to this point. I guess I should show you the before... check it out

During my first break-in attempt, I took some silly transition videos (which I didn't even use) but more importantly, I measured out the space. Then, when I got home, Mark and I cut down the beadboard sheets to size based on the measurements. We used all scraps from our kitchen ceiling remodel so the height of the beadboard ended up being 41" tall. I then used my Wagner Sprayer to give the beadboard its first coat of paint because have you ever painted beadboard before? It is a pain in the booty. I would highly recommend spraying if you can.

Ok, now it was time to get down to business. Before hanging the beadboard, we marked all of the studs to avoid using adhesive. Since the beadboard pieces are 48" wide, they almost always hit a stud on both ends (studs are typically 16" apart). Then it was go time. Make sure the beadboard is flush to the wall and level along the baseboard and use that brad nailer to attach to the marked studs. When joining two pieces of beadboard together, make sure that you have a "groove" and a "space" lines up to smoothly continue the pattern.

Once the beadboard was hung (and many tricky cuts were made by Mark), it was time to add the trim pieces. We added a 1x4 horizontally on top of the beadboard again installing with the brad nailer to studs (be sure that the trim is level, you can't assume the beadboard is perfectly straight). Then added a 1x2 "hat" or shelf or ledge, whatever you want to call it.

Before leaving, I caulked all of the seams (between beadboard pieces, between beadboard and 1x4 trim and between 1x4 trim and 1x2 trim) and filled the nail holes with wood filler. Then it was time for nap.

Yesterday was the grunt work, today is the fun stuff. We gave everything (beadboard and trim) a second coat of paint which makes everything look SO MUCH BETTER. We also added decor (linked below). The final touches of this room are coming together!

Kinda DIY Basketball Hoop: So for this, I used a scrap piece of plywood and edge banded the edges. I bought a cheap wall hanging basketball hoop to use for the rim, net and balls.


1 coat preconditioner

1 coat white wash

1 coat barnwood brown

Metal Balls: Have I mentioned that this kid LOVES sports' balls?! Well he does and these affordable metal ball decors were the perfect fit. Attach to the wall with two mini screws.

PS: It also comes with a soccer ball, but Rocco's dad wouldn't be too happy about that.

Table Lamp: This room has minimal light especially in the afternoon, so I picked up one of these $12 Target table lamps.

Sports Ball String Light: Practical? Probably not. Cute? Absolutely! They are battery operated string lights that even include a soccer ball...oops.

Not Pictured but a must-have: 5 foot flat extension cord with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports and 2 USB C ports. This allowed me to plug in the lamp, the Rocco sign and the baby monitor while keeping the dresser flat to the wall.

Football Rug: Without a rug, this space just felt unfinished. Now with this cozy football field, the room is ready to roll.

Pegs: I seriously would add pegs to every room if I could. They are functional and super stylish. Did I mention super affordable?

Ok, I think that is everything. Probably not, but good enough for now.

Today was all about the small details. And taking after pictures of course :)

Paint Color: Hale Navy by Sherwin Williams color matched at THE Home Depot

Well, I think that is all I have to say about that. It was a fun time being a DIY criminal. Until next time!

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