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ORC Watchlist

So by now, you know that I am participating in the One Room Challenge (ORC)! But guess what? So are my friends! These ladies all do amazing work so be sure to check them out as they transform a space in their home over the next 8-weeks!

Tiffany: @creatiffdiy is taking on her guest room that her boys use for reading before bed! Look at that wallpaper (OMG) and the green! I love it!

Janelle: @nailgun_nelly is creating a super cool "big boy room" for her son! She is even adding a faux stone wall. I can't wait to see all that goes into this room.

Michelle: @powerhouse_livinganddesign is creating a super cool outdoor kitchen that she can enjoy in sunny Arizona! I love the contrast of the black with the landscaping.

Paris: @parisashleyhome is taking on a two-part refresh this ORC. First, she is giving her primary bedroom a serious glow-up then will come her primary bathroom. Look at that fluted accent wall, I mean come on!

Anna: @annamichellecarterdiy is giving her 17-year-old son an amazing room that I personally am jealous of! I love the blue with the wood tones.

Trisha: @definitelydiyed is creating an outdoor garden space! I am excited to see how creates a space that keeps on giving!

Heather: @livingstartsathome is creating a super sporty but mom-approved room for her oldest son! These details are next level!

Alyssa: @alyssayosthome is making a dreamy office space for her now work-from-home husband! I know I could be productive in this space, well maybe...

Carrie: @honeydohoney_home is giving her little boys an awesome dinosaur, space-themed room. She is including her boys in the design and execution and I can't wait to watch!

Jamie: @estate180byjamie is giving her daughter a serious glow-up for this tween room! I am loving this color palette and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Areke: @diywithmeareke is transforming her primary closet! *Fun fact, we did our closet for the ORC last year!

Be sure to check these ladies out! You never know, you might be inspired to take on a project of your own!

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