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In My Amazon Cart

For dad, for kids and for yourself! Check out what is in my Amazon cart right now!

For Father's Day, get your dad the gift of security. Whether he uses the safe outlet to store collectibles, jewelry or cash, it will safe and secure in an ultra discreet location. The safe outlet is available in both 1 and 2-gang options. See our video on installation here.

This summer, we are using the Summer Bucket List book created by our friend Katie from @thedeltaden! The paperback book offers 40+ free activities to do with your kids this summer and provides a spot for you to document the memory. Check out what we have done so far!

And finally, you can't forget something for yourself! This athletic dress has a built-in bra and spandex shorts making it ridiculously comfortable (going to the bathroom is a little weird but still worth it). It comes in 9 different colors and is perfect for the summer months!

Happy Amazon-ing! And Happy Father's Day!

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