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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Rack

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Does your cabinet have a blank slate asking to be upgraded? Mine too! This is super simple DIY that adds functionality and it looks pretty cute too!

All sources that I used are linked here including the super awesome cookbooks!

The side of my kitchen cabinet was boring and did not serve much of a purpose. I had previously added the hanging rack for oven mitts but thought it could use a little more. This project cost me $0 as I used all scrap wood and paint that I already had.

Here is the cabinet before. Pretty boring, right?! Let's change that!

I used 1x2 premium pine to make the frame and the shelves for the rack. In this picture, I used a piece of decorative trim that I planned to use as the rail, but I changed my mind for a simpler look (stop trim). I highly recommend laying out the items that you plan to keep in the rack before assembling to ensure a good fit!

I first painted the pieces before assembling. I used leftover paint from our cabinets which is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.

Once your pieces are cut to size, you do not need many additional tools. Pretty fancy, don't you think :)

I used wood glue to attach the sides (I applied it with my trusty Q-tip).

Then used the speed square in the corners to ensure that I had 90* corners. Finally, I finished it off with a brad nail to give it extra strength!

I attached the frame to the cabinet with my brad nailer. Make sure to do the finishing work (caulk and wood fill) to make it look like it has been there!

This video shows the full process a bit better!

This project was super simple and completely changed the look of my cabinets. Best part is that it is fully customizable to your space. Give this project a try!

All sources that I used are linked here including the super awesome cookbooks!

Let me know if you try this project! I hope you love it!

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