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DIY Garage Built-Ins

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Garages often get a bad reputation of being messy and unorganized--but it doesn't have to be that way. An idea came to me while showering and you know I had to put it into action! Here is the after... let's see how we got there!

Like I said, this idea came to me while showering.... so after I finished, I wrote down my ideas. We changed a couple of things along the way to add support or for additional function.

The ceiling in our garage is 10' tall and I wanted to ensure that we had enough shelving space for outdoor equipment, sports stuff and shoes. Plus, I had the idea of adding in lockers for kid's bookbags and toys.

BEFORE..... yikes :/



*We are team Milwaukee when it comes to high quality tools

Since garages have a downward slope to prevent water sitting, we needed to add a 2x4 base with shims to make the base level. Make sure to screw the shims into the 2x4 base to prevent future movement. I also added shiplap paneling to the back wall (after removing the wire shelving, I was left without a LOT of holes. I patched them but thought the shiplap would add character).

Using the circular saw, I cut the plywood into custom pieces to meet our plan. It was important to dry fit before installation as seen here. The majority of this structure will be secured using pocket hole screws.

You can see the videos of assembly on our Instagram page but this is the finished product before paint!

We added brackets under the top shelves for additional support. To do this we screwed into studs to allow for maximum strength.

This unit allows for 4 shelves of shoe storage, 3 lockers, 3 drawers for kid's toys and 3 shelves for random junk. :)

Now, lets paint this thing!

Here it is! Want to know the big mistake I made? I hand brushed and rolled this massive took almost 3 hours.

Next time... I will 100% prep to use the paint sprayer.

Since this is an outdoor built-in, I used semi-gloss paint in the color Waterloo by Sherwin Williams color-matched at trusty Home Depot.

The final, maybeeee extra step, was adding flooring in front of the built-in. We had extra flooring from our laundry room project so decided to add it in here. To install, we primed the concrete and then application is peel and stick!

This project was fun, affordable and 100% customizable! Let me know if you try something like this for yourself!

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