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DIY Frame TV

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Frame TVs are all the buzz and I agree they do transform your TV. However, the price tag associated with them is just a *little* out of my budget. Let's create our own custom TV frame!

Here is a look at our current TV set-up. Not too bad, but I think it could be better. Don't you?!

To display this image, I used the Youtube app on my Smart TV and searched "vintage art". You can search custom art AND it is FREE.

Begin by selecting any molding from your Hardware Store. I chose to use a wood molding. This will create your frame so make sure you purchase enough as it is usually sold by the foot.

After taking careful measurements of your TV, set your miter saw to a 45* cut to create crisp corners. It is helpful for me to draw the line of where I need to make the cut to ensure I am using the correct 45* direction (I may or may not have messed this up in the past....shhhh).

Ensure that your frame fits together and assemble. I used wood glue and small finishing nails to secure this frame together. I highly recommend wood filling the corners so that you can get a seamless look. If you plain to stain, make sure to get a wood filler that is either stainable or the same color as your selected stain. I chose Early American to stain my frame.

Finally, attach a scrap piece of 1x2 to the top of the back of the frame. This piece will rest on your TV. The molding is so light, I did not need additional items to secure it in place. Check out these after pictures! Like most of my projects, this is completely customizable to your space! I saved a TON of money by using a smart TV and this DIY compared to purchasing a FrameTV.

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